Posted by: Ali Davis | March 31, 2008

Finally getting some photos posted…

Dogs on the roof in Semana

I had folded my pajamas and put them under my pillow. I don’t know why my cabin steward did this to them.

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  1. I'd imagine there are women out there who would smile at seeing their pajamas organized to look like barbie clothes.
    Hope you don't have to feed anyone to the sharks; I'm relocating to the west coast the week of July seventh.
    With Love – Av

  2. LOL – ever read John Irving's Widow for a Year?

  3. I thought the pajama thing was mildly creepy.

  4. I don't think I will ever be a cool blogger—bloggatress? I did not get my whole msg in —-wondered if the pajamas were arranged in different shapes each night—now that would be creepy.
    Hope you are enjoying sun and fun.
    Love, Momcat

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