Posted by: Ali Davis | April 20, 2008

Castries, St.Lucia



  1. Ali: Great pics. My favorites are still Barbados and Bathsheba Beach. St. Lucia is supposed to be beautiful but Mick Jagger has a large compound there so you are likely kept away from the prettiest part.
    Look at it this way: you do not have to go to Sr Frogs and Cozumel again. Remember Cozumel is where Eddy threw up in the water during a snorkeling trip –part of the honeymoon and a prior night of margaritas. The other snorkeling touristas flocked to where he was, thrilled at all the fish that suddenly swam over. Joan went and sat on a rock, pretending she did not know her new hubby.
    I understand why you were hanging around with Roman—jeez. Oh, and the Virgin Gorda caves looked cool.

    Enjoy the cross-Atlantic trip!


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