Posted by: Ali Davis | October 15, 2010

Republicans and the Vampire Mistake

As even the most casual horror fan knows, vampires are forever constrained by the need to maintain a delicate balance. You can’t just go around blood-feasting willy-nilly, or you end up with a world full of starving vampires and no humans to drink.

Now let’s take a look at the Republican/Tea Party agenda:

  • Repeal the minimum wage
  • Make it easier for corporations to outsource jobs, so American workers are forced to compete with foreign workers making 20 cents an hour
  • Stop unemployment payments
  • Stop giving out food stamps
  • Repeal health care reform
  • Repeal Medicare
  • Repeal Social Security

I used to think Teapublicans were just trying to jigger the system to favor the rich. Now I think they may actually be trying to kill off the working class.

Careful, guys. If you kill everyone off, who will be left to work in your mines?


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