Posted by: Ali Davis | June 10, 2011

Dammit, Huckabee!

This does not bode well.

Oops!  We’re pretty sure there’s been a mistake!

    Thank you for recently visiting the brand-new Learn Our History web site.  Over 100,000 moms and dads just like you have come to see what all the fuss is about.

   After checking out our online previews, parents everywhere have realized the lessons found in Learn Our History are invaluable to their children’s educations that they’ve gone ahead and ordered their kids the 30-day risk-free introductory DVD for less than $10.

   But what about you? We noticed that you were among the thousands who attempted to place an order while you were recently at our site. However, for some reason we can’t seem to answer, your order was not completed.

    Perhaps you changed your mind at the very last minute or maybe we’ve just made a mistake with our order records. Either way, we’re unable to send you the risk-free DVD and the FREE Time Traveler’s Academy kit packed with $50 in exciting goodies for your kids.

I did too complete my order. It has apparently taken them a week to discover the mistake with their order records.

Or maybe my debit card is so disgusted that it’s fighting back.

This e-mail continues with some more marketing and zero “Sorry we seem to have whiffed on something that involves your finances!”

I’m now very concerned that their cybersecurity might Huckablow.

But at least I have the quiet joy of knowing that Mike still finds history fascinating; the pic placeholders between the marketing copy are all labeled “Interesting Image.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take a careful look at my bank statement.


The order was completed. Customer service rep says all is well and my DVD (and exciting bonus gifts!) are on their way.

So apparently I just randomly got the marketing e-mail for people who didn’t complete a transaction. Friendly customer service lady was concerned, and will put a query on that.

Then she told me to have a wonderful afternoon, and I feel like she meant it.

Ten points for branded customer service training. Minus 3,000 for inspiring consumer confidence.

Do you feel like that might be a metaphor for how his campaign might have gone? Me too. Except eventually he would have also screwed up and said something horrible about gays.



  1. More than likely they figured out who you were, and that sending you the DVD set would open them up to the ridicule and scorn that only you can dish so well. It’s a sad day for the rest of us that you won’t be able to complete this project. However, if you need a clandestine purchase done, you know where to find me (and I live in the Bible Belt. They’ll never suspect a thing!).

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