Posted by: Ali Davis | June 22, 2011

This Huckablows.

As of today, we were two days over the “seven to ten business days” within which I was to get my first Learn Our History DVD. (Not to mention the $50 worth of exciting free gifts! Have you forgotten the gifts, O Best Beloved?)

So I called the customer service line and sat through 4 hold cycles while listening to what I think was Christian lite-pop, but I can’t be sure because the audio was too fuzzy to make out the lyrics. Which is actually a little more worrisome for me, because I’m convinced that a part of my brain had its guard down and was somehow taking it in.

I’m faintly concerned that I’ll wake up singing it and won’t know why.

Anyway, after a couple of electric guitar solos for the glory of the New Testament version of God, I talked to a customer service guy who was way less nice than the woman I talked to last time. I guess he’s been having a difficult customer service day, most likely due to his next statement.

He said the delivery time would actually be more like three weeks.

I pointed out that I had been specifically promised seven to ten business days and he made oblique references to “production problems” and “duplication problems,” and that simply cannot be, because I’m sure every last bit of my DVD and gift pack must be made in the USA by union workers, right?

Anyway, turns out Huckabee ‘n’ friends don’t like being called out, however politely, on what they have promised.

My customer service rep finished with “Right now – and this could change tomorrow – the time is a window of around three weeks.”

And then I was pretty much dismissed.

Huckabee 2016!

Or 2017. Whatever.



  1. This man wants to run the country and he can’t even run a freaking mail order service?
    If this man is a servant of God, it just proves that even the Almighty can’t get good help.

  2. Don’t worry about it. They’re revising the history of how you ordered these and how soon they were delivered even as we speak, (metaphorically speaking).

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