Posted by: Ali Davis | July 7, 2011

Books Against Bachmann

Noted bigot Michele Bachmann now pledges to ban “all forms” of pornography. In honor of complex thinking and not imposing one’s narrow religious beliefs on the rest of the population, I pledge all True Porn Clerk Stories book royalties from July 8 through July 15 to Obama 2012. It’s available in paperback or on Kindle.

Leave a comment here or hit me up on Twitter if you think of another way I can annoy (but not harass) Ms. Bachmann with my books. If you’re the first person who comes up with an idea that I put into use, you’ll get your very own signed copy.



  1. I would be inclined to move all her books to the ‘Fiction’ section in Borders, but failing that, I might consider placing a sticker on your book stating,
    “(very large) NOW (very tiny) not (very large) recommended reading by Michele Bachmann!”

  2. If there are any “recovery from evangelism” or “recovery from illegitimate Christian schooling” organizations, I would pledge royalties there.

    I’ve heard there are “recovery from cults” services, this could be used instead, in a pinch.

    Works as a rebuff to the whole “ex-gay” movement.

    • That is an EXCELLENT idea!

  3. […] you can see if you go back one entry, I pledged all my book royalties from July 8th through the 15th for True Porn Clerk Stories, a […]

  4. […] for Books Against Bachmann? You’re just a post away. Try here, here, or here. Or you can just go straight to paperback or Kindle magic. Or you can just donate directly to Truth […]

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