Posted by: Ali Davis | July 16, 2011

Books Against Bachmann – The new round has begun!

The first phase of Books Against Bachmann raised (drumroll, please…)

$38.65 for the Obama 2012 campaign.

I’ll kick in a few non-royalty bucks of my own to round that up to an even $50.

Thanks so much to everyone who bought a copy or just found a free-form way to help your chosen political candidate and/or annoy the Bachmanns.

Phase TWO started moments ago and lasts through the end of July. All royalties for True Porn Clerk Stories will now go to Truth Wins Out, a very worthy outfit that fights homophobia and the very sort of damaging “ex-gay” therapy that has been keeping the Bachmanns flush with Medicare payments.

Remember: If you purchase my (thoughtful and hilarious) book, you will be helping out a terrific group and asserting your right to think differently and purchase things with the word “Porn” right there in the title.

Think of it as an irritating-the-Bachmanns multitask.

Let’s do this thing.


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