Posted by: Ali Davis | July 25, 2011

The New Mike Huckabee Preview

The preview to Mike Huckabee’s new Learn Our History video is here (even though the second full-length video is still not available) and it’s a dandy.

Welcome to Huckabee’s take on 9/11 and the War on Terror

Since there’s about a month’s lag (or more) between the online video and the physical disc’s arrival, this video is clearly meant to be timed so you can get the Learn Our History take just in time for the 9/11 anniversary.

Sort of like releasing your children’s book in October to boost holiday sales, only a million times less tasteful.

I notice Huck ‘n’ Friends have also changed the name of the series to “TimeCycle Academy,” and presumably have changed the logos on all the now-collector’s items in the gift package I just gave away last week.

Goddammit, Huck. It’s almost like he’s messing with me.

Or like he dove into a major, years-long enterprise without fully thinking things through.

Huckabee 2016(ish)!

By the way, so far Books Against Bachmann has raised $49.40 for Truth Wins Out! That’s… OK, that’s not a ton in real life, but in terms of my usual royalties for a week, y’all are totally kicking ass.

One week left to buy a book with “porn” in the title to annoy Michele Bachmann and help Truth Wins Out. In paperback or on Kindle!



  1. The worst day in recent American history rendered in cheap flash animation.
    Nice job, Huckaboob!

  2. On behalf of all humanity, thanks for taking one for the team by watching this dreck. Does your version of the Reagan Revolution DVD contain the Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Helmet? I see they covered it up in the trailer (with a shaded helmet that looks way out of place), but the old one is still on the Learn Our History Blog.

    However, don’t assume that they’re organised enough to update all the logos. The blog still has ‘Time Travel Academy’ on it.

    Also, about 30 seconds into the Reagan Revolution Trailer, there’s a map divided into three colours by ‘Democracy’, ‘Communist’ and… something else. Apparently Vietnam and all nations of South America were democracies in the 70s, but Ireland, Sweden and Spain were not. Africa was at least middling if you didn’t live in Mali or Egypt.

    Anyway, do you mind posting a screenshot of this map from the DVD? The trailer on YouTube makes it hard to see some countries.

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