Posted by: Ali Davis | August 4, 2011


Screenshots from “The Reagan Revolution” by request for Anthill Inside.

Now that Anthill points it out, I’m a little puzzled by the green areas myself.



  1. Thank you. I have a partial answer: within Europe, the blue countries were all NATO members around 1980, while the green countries were not.

    A lot of the other blue countries (like Pakistan) also had treaties with the US. Apparently giving up autonomy makes a country more democratic…

    However, the bit I find most incomprehensible is the summary of the Lewis and Clark video on the Learn Our History website:
    “Join our greatest adventurers for a wild journey into uncharted lands as these brave leaders and their men explored our country for the first time”

    Men? I have never lived in the US, and even I have heard of Sacagawea!

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