Posted by: Ali Davis | November 3, 2011

Courage, New Hampshire: The Recap (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6 – Verdict

Time for some awesome. The liberal justice who earlier was randomly and unproductively concerned with educating the natives the Colonists have been pushing out of their homeland is at it again. He’s now saying he won’t apologize for considering the Governor’s needs in this case. Elitist.

Rhodes admonishes him sharply. “Frederick Stokes! The Governor will not be there at the great white throne to unsoil your breeches!”

And then Rhodes walks off like a boss.

I stand by my assessment of this show as really, really slow moving and boring, but if Riley starts dropping in more platinum nuggets of dialogue like this, I will totally throw parties to watch future episodes. I imagine there will be quite a few breeches that require unsoiling.

The three judges walk into the courthouse, with Rhodes looking pissed. Uh oh. It’s possible that we may not see justice done here.

Trapp smiles a terrifically oily smile, and a wistful Bob stares at Sarah as he’s unshackled. The courthouse empties in slow motion, but Bob can’t get to Sarah. Sad music.

Rhodes chats with Reddish about how corrupt the justice of man can get and wishes that God would lend a little smackdown occasionally.

Sergeant Tim admits that he’s going to be getting short-sheeted a lot when he gets back to the regiment for testifying, but what can you do? Then he asks Rhodes to have one of his bazillion kids wake Bob so they can hit the trail. They have a wacky moment where each thinks Bob was sleeping in a different place – one of them apparently thought he was less than five feet away – and then they realize Bob pulled the old blankets-over-stuff-to-make-the-bed-look-full trick. He’s no longer a prisoner, so I don’t see the point, but why pass up a perfectly good ruse?

We cut to a blanketed and slouch-hatted figure walking up the road to the Pine place. (Hint: It’s Bob.)

Bob sits down and stares at the Pine place, looking like young, confused Gandalf.

I used to wonder what, other than God, brought those two crazy kids together, but now I see that it’s a love of creepy courtship. I can only imagine what that romantic day and night in the barn must have been like – staring unblinkingly at each other, carving each others’ likenesses into corncob dolls, suddenly revealing bits of information about each other that they could have only known if they’d been obsessively digging around on each others’ FaceCarvedTreeTrunk accounts… Magical.

Back at the inn, Silas and Reddish are still staring dumbly at Bob’s stuff that was under the blankets, confirming for skeptics that the term “Rhodes scholar” did not originate in Courage.

Suddenly, Fox bursts in! The troops in Boston fired on the town and a number were killed!

Silas asks, “Troops killed?” and Fox is forced to clarify “No, the town! The soldiers fired on the town!” Rhodes is being so slow in this scene that I was afraid he’d ask, “Buildings killed?” but he seems to get it.

Everyone stands around openmouthed – literally openmouthed – as they take in this new information.

Back to the Pine Farm! Why did we bother to do that cutting back and forth? We’ll never know. Aunt and Uncle Pine see Wheedle sitting all sadly on their property and go get Sarah and Prop Baby.

Next up: Chapter 7 – The Morning After (Yes, I know that makes no sense. Quit being a Mr. Trapp and just roll with it.)


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