Posted by: Ali Davis | November 20, 2011

Courage, New Hampshire: The Recap (Chapter 7) (The Last One)

Chapter 7 – The Morning After

This chapter has been poorly named. It’s the morning after the trial, but still clearly the same morning where we just were. So it’s still just that first morning after, and not the morning after that.

In fact, people are still standing around staring at Wheedle’s abandoned uniform! I’m hoping someone will pour water on his clothes to see if they’ll spring to life like sea monkeys.

Abby arrives and stares at Bob’s stuff too, even though she, it turns out, can break this case wide open. She’s stunned by the news of the shooting in Boston, and judges it comparable in strangeness to seeing Bob Wheedle sitting in the road staring at the Pine place, which she did just now.

Mystery solved! For the love of all that is good, everyone please stop staring at the clothes now!

Back at the Pine place, Bob puts his blanket around Sarah and the baby and hey! What happened to all the snow from earlier? It’s… Actually really green and leafy out there. I’m going to put it down to symbolism.

There is also something in the background that looks disconcertingly like a saguaro cactus, but I’m going to let it go.

Bob tells Sarah that deserters from the British army get shot. Again, something he could have thought about before.

Bob tells Sarah that he didn’t worry about death before, because he used to be dead inside, but now he does understand death, because Sarah made him alive once, which he only just realized last night when she walked away, when he must have been sort of undead.

Give him some room; it’s a complex thesis.

Whatever it means, Sarah gets it.

Wheedle gets down on one knee and proposes while Aunt Pine awesomely faints in the background. I guess she also noticed the cactus.

Loudmouth Abby, who was just at the inn, runs back to the inn again, explaining to Rhodes that she just ran back to the Pines’ to see what was up, but now she’s running back here, and oh, she can’t believe it, and she grabs the pastor and tells him to come on running back to the Pines’ again, and Silas says “Abby, you had better tell us!” like he still can’t guess what’s up. What the hell did they put in Silas’s suckling pig this morning? He’s a mess.

Sarah and Bob get married!

Then they turn and Bob asks what’s out yonder in the wilderness. It’s Vermont! And it’s full of danger, resources, and potential, just like another state I can think of to the West.

Back at the inn, Silas notes that Bob seems to be deserting. Which, frankly, is pretty tacky, since he mentions it to Reddish, who is duty-bound to hunt Wheedle down and shoot him.

Reddish says he’ll maybe conduct a more leisurely manhunt, right after breakfast.

And, secure in the knowledge that Bob, Sarah, and Baby Wheedle have one meal’s worth of time to escape into the wilderness, we’re done.

I hope you learned some important concepts from Courage: New Hampshire. I know I did.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go stare at someone until we form a lifelong bond.


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