Posted by: Ali Davis | March 3, 2012

To Sum Up

Religious Male Congressional Witnesses: We do not want the compromise in which insurance companies pay for contraceptive coverage at their own expense because, even though religious institutions would not be paying for it, we do not want the female employees or students at religious institutions to have the option of having dirty bad sex without making babies.

Sandra Fluke: I wish to explain that hormonal contraception is used for a variety of medical reasons, and that such prescriptions often have nothing to do with sex or babies at all.

Rush Limbaugh: SLUT!



  1. Don’t you under-STAND? “SLUT!” = “MATH!”.

    And all that time I thought my calculus instructor was just being friendly…

  2. Yeah, that boils it down nicely.

  3. I thought “SLUT!!” was pretty much the default answer to anything anyway. Try it sometime. “Paper or plastic?” “SLUT!!” “Would you like fries with that?” “SLUT!!” See?

  4. I’m surprised!

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