(Let me point you toward) The Gibbon Blog


I’ve moved The Gibbon Blog over here.

I am now a new volunteer at the Gibbon Conservation Center. And I am more geeked about it than you can possibly imagine. Fortunately, you don’t have to! G’wan over and give it a read if you’d like.


Well, this is it. The die is cast. Or, perhaps, flung.

I just sent in my application to volunteer for the Gibbon Conservation Center.

If accepted, this is where I’ll be blogging about it, probably just a couple of times a month to start. I thought I’d go ahead and set up the page just to solidify my commitment. And because I always wished I’d started my other themed blog sooner.

So, yeah, here we are. I’ve always liked gibbons, I’m horrified at how close they are to extinction, and I want to help.

It’s a tiny piece of the world to try to take care of, and the decision is impractical and probably overly sentimental. But it’s the one I’ve picked and I hope it picks me back.

Being near the gibbons is gravy. I know that I won’t get to touch them. I know that they will not land on my shoulders and twine their arms around my neck and hoot their gibbon songs into my ear.

I know they will not love me best out of all their keepers, and most likely not at all.

I know that I am not supposed to even try to bond with them. The idea is to let them bond with each other.

I have read between the lines and I know that mostly I will be shoveling gibbon shit. And that getting bitten is a strong possibility.

I could not be more excited to start.

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